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Chroniql establishes trust for your valuable data

With the Chroniql Trust Platform you can prove the integrity of any data based on blockchain technology.


Companies need solutions that can be flexibly adapted to them and their needs.

The Chroniql Trust Platform can be seamlessly integrated into existing system landscapes. You can follow every process step by step yourself. The full power of decision and control over your data remains with you. The solution supports you precisely in achieving your goals and allows maximum freedom of design.

Trustworthy Logging with Chroniql Notarization

A record has been changed.
notarized at 09:14
Check mark
Confidential information has been accessed.
notarized at 17:21
Check mark
A new record has been created.
notarized at 11:11
Check mark
A process has been trigger­ed by AI recommendation.
notarized at 18:03
Check mark
The owner of a record has been changed.
notarized at 16:42
Check mark
A record has been deleted.
notarized at 23:21
Check mark

Process Automation with
Chroniql Fusion

Figure behind computer


No matter whether a customer wants all data stored about him or the data protection authority requires proof of the actual deletion of certain data, Chroniql can be used to map many use cases.

Selection of connectors


The latest version of the data from a variety of source systems is already available and consolidated in Chroniql. Important key figures such as retention and deletion periods can be calculated automatically.

Figure behind notebook


The request can be answered automatically by the system-wide logical scheme. Thanks to the notarization, the data protection authority can also be provided with proof of deletion without any doubt.

Selection of our standard connectors

  • Salesforce
  • SAP
    ERM, CRM, HR
  • MS Dynamics
    MS Dynamics
    ERP, CRM
  • Integration of
    Integration of
    SQL databases

Data Quality Optimization through Chroniql Analytics

Chroniql Analyse