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trust layer

Trust in Documentation

Benefit from a new dimension of evidential value
Trust layer highlights

Prove data integrity

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Creating tamper-proof documentation

We have developed a unique technology so that you can prove the integrity of the information contained in your documentation: The Trust Layer!

Integer compliance documentation

Both companies and public institutions face the challenge of increasing regulation and corresponding documentation. It is essential to be able to prove how you (want to) comply with which requirements. Especially for audits or official inspections, it is important to be able to prove historically that certain internal regulations were in place at a certain point in time. With the Trust Layer, you can automatically overcome these challenges while documenting. Test it yourself!

Detect manipulations immediately

Who hasn't experienced this? Data has apparently been manipulated, but it is not immediately obvious which data is actually affected. The data integrity and ultimately the trust in you has been damaged (unnoticed) as a result. However, digital trust is now an essential part of any business activity. Therefore, it is even more important that you can both quickly detect manipulated data and formally prove the integrity of your existing information. For this purpose, we offer you the Trust Layer!

Feature overview

It is easy to create your documentation proof

Change protocol

Through the Trust Layer, you store the complete change history of your documentation. In doing so, your data is centrally managed and continuously documented, so that you save resources and at the same time benefit from maximum efficiency.


You can check the change history of each data record at any time. In addition, you can use our web-based tool to verify step by step by yourself whether the data has been verified and is, therefore, free of manipulation.


The Trust Layer creates change history documentation automatically as you make changes to your documentation.


The Compliance Cloud at a glance

A lot of regulation - one software! We have created with compliance experts a solution that allows you to easily leverage synergies between compliance departments.

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