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From NioBase & NioSuite to the Akarion Compliance Cloud – all innovations at a glance

20. April 2020

Softwaremanagement DPM
  • Attention:
    From now on you can no longer create an account on the website niobase.com. Existing customers can add a new account in the client management. If you are interested, please contact us via our contact form, we would be happy to set up a test account for you.

Account settings DPM
  • Tip:
    You can change the avatar icon at the top left, via which you can access the client administration, under “Account” -> “Account Avatar”.
  • Attention:
    The log-out button can now only be found on the dashboard at the top right.

List View DPM
  • Attention:
    Batch processing is a powerful tool! Be careful when using it and check your entries carefully.
  • Tip:
    Have you already saved a standard list view that uses a filter? If you, for example, only display the processing activities of your own department, this filter is adopted by default when you open batch processing.

Form View DPM
  • Tip:
    We are also currently working on our own blog article on the report function, where we will go into detail about the functionality and possibilities of this powerful tool. We hope this blog post gave you an impression of the new features and functions. The best way to discover the innovations, of course, is to log in and simply get started!

Katharina Schmid studied mathematics and works as a copywriter & content marketer at Akarion, Isabella Schaufler studies Global Sales and Marketing at FH Steyr and works as a Sales Assistant at Akarion.