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Digital Shift Conference 2019 inspires with an interdisciplinary approach and agile methods

by Katharina Schmid
16. October 2019
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Moderator Herbert Mayrhofer

Burkhard Fassbach

Leif-Nissen Lundbæk & Dr. Markus Kaulartz

"Contrary to popular belief, Europe is not left behind by the US or China in the race for AI."

Leif-Nissen Lundbæk

Max Schrems
  • Sprint 1: Why?
    Why is compliance such an important topic and what opportunities do the legal requirements offer?
  • Sprint 2: How?
    How can companies tackle compliance efficiently and sustainably?
  • Sprint 3: What?
    Which technologies help to implement compliance requirements and are there already use cases?

Dr. Christoph Steiger

Prof. Dirk Heckmann

“With all legal hurdles and limits: it is unethical to miss opportunities digitalization offers for a dignified life.”

Prof. Dr. Dirk Heckmann
Katharina Schmid

Katharina Schmid studied mathematics and now works as a copywriter and content marketer at Akarion.