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Company | 11.02.2021

Akarion and PwC work together on the future of compliance management


Akarion and PwC Austria met in the context of client projects. Due to the successful collaboration, an official cooperation is now being launched.

In the partnership with Akarion, PwC incorporates its own experience, good practice processes, conceptual and methodological know-how in the development of the Akarion Compliance Cloud, primarily in Information Security Management (ISMS) and BCM (Business Continuity Management). In return, Akarion continuously develops the entire platform, including the Compliance Cloud. It's not only about creating new functionalities but also ensures expected requirements. Because with increasing and changing regulatory requirements, Akarion can flexibly and quickly adapt the Compliance Cloud modules with the help of PwC's expertise.

The partnership between Akarion and PwC Austria is characterized by trusting and close cooperation with maximum appreciation. The physical proximity also supports this. Both Akarion and PwC Austria have a location in Linz, which makes collaboration easy and uncomplicated. The partnership helps both companies as regional providers on the Austrian and European markets. A high level of user-friendliness and short implementation times were essential to both companies when developing the Compliance Cloud.

Markus Costabiei (CEO, Akarion): "We have always said that if we are going to design something new, it should be a solution that is "ready to go." The customer should be able to start immediately and not have to spend nine months customizing and configuring to enter something."

To meet its quality standards and its customers and partners, Akarion has commissioned PwC Austria to subject the Compliance Cloud web application to a penetration test in April 2020. Besides, the entire Akarion GmbH in Linz has been ISO / IEC 27001 certified since November 2020, whereby PwC Austria was also involved in the project in an advisory capacity.

Georg Beham (Partner, PwC):"We are convinced of the reliability and competence of our partner Akarion. Since security is an essential issue for us, we not only relied on the ISO certificate but also tested it practically in the course of penetration tests."

In this way, Akarion provides PwC Austria with a compliance application that PwC Austria uses with its clients in consulting projects. In this way, the high consulting standards of PwC Austria are flanked by a stable, secure, and, above all, efficient application.

About Akarion

About Akarion Akarion, an agile high-tech company based in Germany and Austria, develops solutions for professional compliance management and verifiably tamper-proof data storage. Akarion's vision is to reshape trust in data. The current flagship product is the Akarion Compliance Cloud with modules for data protection management, information security management, business continuity management, audit, whistleblowing, and e-learning. The Compliance Cloud enables companies and public institutions of different sizes and industries to audit, monitor, and authenticate compliance with industry-specific compliance requirements in a tamper-proof manner. Akarion's mission is to enable customers to reach new compliance levels and meet regulatory requirements with a solution that combines best practices, innovative design and state-of-the-art software development. Many industry leaders already rely on the Compliance Cloud. For more information, please visit akarion.com.

About PwC Austria

PwC Austria is one of the leading firms in the field of cybersecurity consulting. The consulting firm provides support on a global and local level in correctly assessing cybercrime threats and installing protective measures. This includes the entire spectrum of cybersecurity, from the establishment of comprehensive prevention concepts to the defense against cyber attacks and the processing of cyber incidents. Personally on-site and with its network all over the world. Clients who rely on both strategic executive-level support and highly skilled technical capabilities are well-advised to choose PwC: pwc.at/cybersecurity.