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whistleblowing highlights

Simply trust through anonymity


Flexibly adapt the structure and appearance of the reporting forms and design the form according to your company size, industry and needs. Even multilingual reporting forms can be implemented with just a few clicks.

Control and monitor security incidents which you detected through a whistleblowing report with workflow support and audit-proof time stamps to meet relevant deadlines. A deadline calculator and a reminder function support you in editing anonymous reports. This makes it possible to transparently identify correlations and recognise their consequences.

Involve the persons/departments responsible for implementation (e.g., regarding follow-up measures) or work with internal contacts or external partners (e.g., law firms). The module is also very suitable if you are an ombudsman and are looking for a digital 2-way channel for incoming reports.

Ensure the anonymity of whistleblowers throughout the entire communication process - from reporting to response and follow-ups. You can easily generate trust through the detailed rights and role concept as well as through further technical measures such as our provider shielding. Finally, all messages are automatically documented in an audit-proof manner. In addition, you can create absolute security against manipulation through an optional and GDPR-compliant use of blockchain technology.

Solutions in focus

Whistleblowing digitally and anonymously

Save valuable time and costs while reducing the risk of whistleblower "exposure" and facilitating processing with our anonymous whistleblower system, which we developed together with experts.

The digital channel for more efficiency

The current whistleblowing process in many companies, if it exists at all, is very inefficient, costly and time-consuming. Often an ombudsman has to be contacted by phone or even by letter. However, many employees prefer to report grievances anonymously. In companies with several locations, forwarding the reports to the responsible office is also cumbersome and time-consuming. With a uniform software solution that can be accessed by all internal and relevant external parties, the process can be optimized and standardized. A digital and anonymous whistleblowing system like that of the Compliance Cloud is therefore often the key for a functioning compliance culture. Try it out today!

Meeting requirements for suppliers

More and more corporate clients or organizations are asking their service providers and suppliers to comply with the requirements of the EU Whistleblower Directive. This is to ensure that not only the reports of the client's employees are followed up in full confidentiality, but also the reports of suppliers' employees and persons who receive information in the course of their professional activities with the company and the group. As a service provider, you can comply with this additional administrative process in a streamlined and efficient manner. Try out our Whistleblowing Module and see for yourself!

Anonymous communication, but two-way

Having a person who wants to report a wrongdoing to you remain anonymous is a challenge, but encrypting messages appropriately is not that difficult. However, you also want to ask questions if necessary and inform them about the processing status. For this, you inevitably need an anonymous two-way channel through which the person who reported the incident can also ask about the processing status. This is transparent and creates trust. Show that you have compliance processes under control and that you can be trusted - with the Whistleblowing Module.

Features at a glance

Everything included for anonymous whistleblowers

Location-independent and separated by client.

Manage all reports clearly at a central place - if necessary separately for each company thanks to the separation of reporting agents - and document the entire whistleblowing process clearly and comprehensibly in this way. Thanks to the SaaS model, you not only remain location-independent, but also reduce the risks of internal administrative access to the reported incidents.

Holistic compliance

The module contains a comprehensive range of tools that help you to set up an efficient whistleblower system that complies with the EU Whistleblower Directive and to easily integrate it into the existing compliance landscape. For example, the module can be used with the E-learning Module to communicate the necessary knowledge or to combine follow-up measures with the Data Protection Module or ISMS Module of the Akarion Compliance Cloud.

Everything at a glance

Create reports and documentation, e.g., an internal general report on the whistleblower system, within a few seconds. You can customize these reports. In addition, you can create your own dashboards per client and, if required and according to your authorizations, also maintain an overview across clients.


Save time thanks to the extensive template library for reporting forms, measures, form fields, incident categories, etc.. You can also create your own templates for reporting forms of different categories and therewith ensure the same level of compliance within your group. Process your clients more efficiently as a consultant/ombudsman.

Permissions and roles concept

Only authorized employees gain access to the reports. This ensures the confidentiality of the identity of the whistleblower and any third parties mentioned. Authorized persons can log in remotely via a secure connection. In this way, the need-to-know principle can be adhered to in every situation.

Trust Layer

Tamper-proof documentation of reports is the cornerstone of a functioning whistleblowing system. With the Compliance Cloud, you can prove at any time that the data entered in the Whistleblower Module has not been manipulated by anyone (trust by design). With the help of the automatic documentation, you can prove the integrity of your whistleblower reports and your reaction to them with just a few clicks.

Compliance Cloud Features

All our Compliance Cloud modules have this in common

Our value proposition for you is user-friendly solutions. We make holistic compliance management possible for you: convenient, resource-saving and with the highest standards of data integrity.


All modules are characterised by very intuitive user guidance and you will quickly find your way around the Compliance Cloud after initial training. In addition, we offer a comprehensive Help Centre where you can find additional information through videos and descriptions. Our focus is always on ensuring that you get the most out of the Compliance Cloud thanks to the high level of consistency of all modules and the very intuitive user interface.

Manage different compliance aspects with just one solution thanks to the simple modular structure of the Compliance Cloud. Thanks to this holistic approach, you avoid redundancies and contradictions, cleverly exploit synergy effects and save time, costs and nerves.

No matter whether you work in a corporate group or want to manage many clients as a consultant: In each module you can manage subsidiaries and branches separately. You can logically separate all companies from each other and, if required, always keep an eye on clients and companies via a central dashboard.

Save time thanks to the comprehensive cross-module and cross-client template system in all modules. Especially in complex company and group structures, this feature of the Compliance Cloud enables you to work more efficiently.

Keep track of the most important data on all compliance topics of your company or group with the help of customisable dashboards. At the same time, you have an overview of particularly time-critical processes, the most relevant key figures, security incidents and your open tasks.

You can create individual reports in each module and across the compliance modules on all the topics you process in the Compliance Cloud. Create reports and documentation at the touch of a button, such as a complete overview of your business processes or processing activities. Be prepared for controls by authorities, clients, etc. at any time through the output of comprehensive reports and get an overview quickly and easily.

Collaborate with internal colleagues and external experts in the system thanks to event-based task management. Assign tasks, define deadlines and responsibilities and set notifications based on individually defined parameters. With the Compliance Cloud, compliance management becomes teamwork.

No matter where you work from or which languages are spoken in your organisation: the modules are designed for multilingualism and have automated translation into over 23 languages (including DE, EN, FR, IT). This means that every user in the system can work automatically in the preferred language at the touch of a button. In addition, a wide variety of national and international standards can be mapped in the system (e.g. in data protection law).

We want to prove to you that you can rely on us when it comes to security. That's why we have been certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and our systems have undergone a penetration test by independent experts. In addition, we host our purely web-based application exclusively in Germany. An installation on your premises is not necessary.

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