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information security


AKARION'S ISMS opens up new perspectives.

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information security highlights

Information security has never been so well thought out


You can adapt the Information Security Module to your needs flexibly and without set-up costs. Thanks to the "ready-to-use" approach, many existing standard controls and catalogues, you can quickly and purposefully implement a powerful risk management in your company.

Focus on solutions

A holistic approach to information security

To enable you to customize your processes, identify dependencies and reduce complexity, we have worked with experts to develop the most comprehensive ISMS for you.

Think holistically about information security

In your daily work as an information security officer, have you also noticed that information security management actually rarely stands alone? The basic data on information security are very similar, often even identical to those in data protection or business continuity management. Therefore, it is best to use one tool for all topics. Experience our ISMS to consolidate all relevant compliance management topics into one and utilize the advantages of digitization.

Perfectly prepared for certification

Whether ISO/IEC 27001:2013 or TISAX - you must prepare yourself and your company well for certification and the subsequent surveillance audits. The key to successful and sustainable certification is to overview all relevant control and risk catalogues and to have everything documented in the sense of PDCA. Use the ISMS Module of the Compliance Cloud and make your information security management audit-proof through continuous documentation.

Identify risks quickly and react

You already have an information security management and also a responsible officer (so-called ISO or CISO). However, your IT infrastructure and the cooperation with externals are very complex. This makes it very difficult for your company to keep track of all the dependencies between the information assets to be protected (e.g., confidential business documents) and the means used (i.e., assets such as software and hardware) and to quickly identify risks and the necessary measures. With our intelligent ISMS with built-in inheritance systematics, you build your ISM not only comprehensively, but also sustainably and effectively.

Features at a glance

Get everything you
need for your ISM

Individually configurable asset and risk management

Maintain your primary assets clearly in one place. You can see important connections, e.g. whether entries are referenced or have been recently changed, at a glance. Capture and document the assets (hardware, software, personnel, etc.) that exist in your organization using many templates. Personalize values for protection goals, risk categories and matrices, assessment periods, etc. to customize the module to your organization and ISM methodology.

Intuitive risk handling and visual requirement assessment

Record and document existing risks (e.g., fire) and address them with appropriate measures (e.g., fire extinguishers). You can also define and visualize the protection requirements of your information assets based on the requirements for confidentiality, integrity, availability or other protection goals such as authenticity.

Use standard catalogues efficiently

Use the risk, hazard and control catalogues freely selectable in the ISMS (e.g., ISO 27001, BSI-GS, VDA ISA (TISAX). PCI-DSS, B3S). You can also import and maintain other common standards and control sets yourself and map them among each other. For example, the ISMS can support you in the creation of regulatory documents (e.g., the statement of applicability).

Holistic risk assessment and treatment

Identify critical vulnerabilities and risks in your company and document the counter measures and the impact they have on risks. During risk analysis and treatment, you can efficiently record risks, which are then automatically passed on to lower levels.

Visualize protection requirements in multi-level business processes

Document all stages of your business processes at a glance, thereby defining associated sub-processes and easily visualize inherited protection requirements.

Concise incident management

Always keep track of any security incidents. You can assign tasks to incidents via an efficient workflow management. You can keep track of open tasks, but also of changes to the incident and thus to the current vulnerability situation in your company.

Monitoring of measures

You can regularly check existing measures for their effectiveness or track the introduction and improvement of measures. Open points can also be coordinated via the internal task management. In doing so you can always keep an eye on the current status of implementation.

Risk reports at the touch of a button

Generate your own comprehensive reports, such as a holistic overall risk report, from your real-time data records with just one click. It is also easy to merge several reports or create free-text reports.

Trust Layer

Document your ISMS in an audit-proof manner and prove the integrity of your data. If required, you can use our solution to prove at any time that the data entered in the Information Security Module has not been manipulated by anyone (Trust by Design).

Compliance Cloud Features

All our Compliance Cloud modules have this in common

Our value proposition for you is user-friendly solutions. We make holistic compliance management possible for you: convenient, resource-saving and with the highest standards of data integrity.


We design for the entire Compliance Cloud in a way that you can use it immediately and without any technical set-up. We offer you trainings by our competent colleagues so that you can optimally adapt the modules to your needs. Then you are able to directly implement your compliance management without project costs on our side - efficiently and resource-saving.

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