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Manage your Information Security holistically

Akarion offers an individually adaptable software solution, which shows dependencies, automates processes, and supports you with pin-point precision.

Numerous industry leaders already use the Information Security Module.

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Always keep an overview of the most important key figures, security incidents, open tasks and the latest changes made by your colleagues.

Holistic Compliance

  • Search

    Meet standards and use
    synergy effects

  • Shield

    Document and protect information
    values and processes

  • Exchange

    Illustrate connections clearly
    and accurately

  • Switch

    Adapt risk assessments to
    individual requirements

  • Images

    Make threats comprehensible and
    traceable with graphs

  • Bells

    Make threats comprehensible and
    traceable with graphs

Three layers

Asset Management

The Information Security Module contains a pre-built methodology for gathering secondary assets and managing their corresponding risks.

In the course of this 3-step approach, which is based on the ISO 27005 standard, all the information collected - such as risks and measures - is passed on to the next level to enable a more efficient way of working. Of course, the documentation of your assets can also be carried out in less detail.

Layer 1
Fire extinguisher

Level 01:
Typification of supporting assets

At the first level, you determine which types of supporting assets are present in your organization, thus creating the framework for detailed surveys. To do this, you can select appropriate templates from the ISO 27005 standard, such as hardware, locations or people, or define your own asset types.

Layer 2

Level 02:
Definition of relevant categories

The second step is to divide the defined asset types into categories by considering differences in the way data and information is processed or other properties. For this purpose, you list, for example, the different hardware (e.g. mobile devices, mobile storage media, peripheral devices, etc.) you are using.

Layer 3
Person in front of blackboard

Level 03:
Definition of concrete assets

Finally, on the third level, you gather and look at specific supporting assets, such as your sales employee's laptops, the printer stationed in the office, or your accountant's office. This allows you to evaluate the specific protection needs and risks of each asset.

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Standard-compliant Approach

The procedure is based on recommendations of ISO27005 and can be adapted to other standards.

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Global View

Risks that affect all supporting assets of a certaintype (e.g. fire hazard) need only be handled once.

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Flexible Level of Detail

The methodology provides guidance, but can be adapted. It is not mandatory to go through all the levels.

Risk Management

The Information Security Module offers a powerful range of features to advance risk management in your company. In risk analysis and treatment, risks are documented efficiently and get passed down onto lower levels automatically.

Risk Analysis and Treatment

  • Aim

    Identification and
    Evaluation of Risks

  • Link

    Treatment of Risks
    with Measures

ISMS Module Overlay
ISMS Module Overlay

Visualization of your Compliance Infrastructure

  • Project Diagram

    Illustration of Dependencies in
    the Visual Explorer

  • DNA

    Synergy Effects with
    BCM and Data Protection

Monitoring and Reporting


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Continuous Monitoring

Track the introduction and improvement of measures. Open points can be coordinated via the internal task management.

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Clear Overview

Review real time key figures on your dashboard. Reports on the current implementation status can be generated individually at any time.



Help with Standards

Get support in the creation of regulatory documents (e.g. the Statement of Applicability) by importing control catalogs such as ISO27001 in order to comply with their required content structure.

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