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e-learning highlights

Learning made easy


We focus on the user experience so that learning complex content is easier. The condition and navigation are simple and clearly designed. But the E-learning Module is also very structured for administrators and makes it easy to create and manage courses as well as to compare and evaluate them.

Thanks to the modular structure of the learning content, you can use existing courses on data protection or information security or easily configure courses yourself. Personalize your courses and tailor them specifically to your company and industry. Combine course sections into different courses and create complete course programs.

Whether multiple-choice, swiping, time quiz, or others: Interactive storytelling elements provide entertainment, variety, and practical relevance. At the same time, they promote interest in completing the available learning content. Users are thus introduced to even complex topics in a playful yet factually accurate way. The result: you increase the acceptance of awareness measures in no time.

The module focuses on mobile devices, giving users greater control over when and where they learn. The barrier to learning is lowered as you make learning content more accessible. As a result, you increase engagement while improving the number of completed courses. Of course, the module also works on desktops.

Solutions in focus

E-learning structured and individual

To ensure that your training courses are a complete success and that you always have everything you need automatically in view, we have developed a customisable e-learning system for you with the help of experts.

Train complex contents simply

Especially with topics that are legally (e.g. data protection) or technically very demanding (e.g. information security), it is often difficult to motivate training participants. Often, not only is the operation of the training tool complicated but the contents are also prepared in the same and monotonous way. However, the focus of the training must be on the trainee, as only his or her acceptance of the training measure determines the success of the training. User experience, gamification, and "mobile-first" are therefore at the forefront of our e-learning module. See for yourself!

Interdisciplinary learning

Employees or clients should increasingly be given an understanding of content and internalize it in the best possible way. In addition to classic compliance topics such as data protection and information security, this also includes special topics such as product training. It is therefore important to put together complete course programs and adapt them to the employee/client. In this way, they learn a wide range of content in one tool. You can see how this is done easily and quickly in the E-learning Module.

Automatically maintain an overview of training courses

Do you have to keep track of which person should complete which courses and what the current training status is? This is very time-consuming, especially if you have many employees at different locations or many customers. Moreover, errors in the documentation can occur unintentionally. An e-learning tool that automatically documents who has completed which course content, reminds you when training is still missing, and automatically issues certificates to the participants at the end makes your life easier. Challenges that the E-learning Module of the Compliance Cloud solves.

Features at a glance

All functions for
successful e-learning

Awareness on all topics

Whether data protection, information security, or other topics: With the versatile features of the E-learning Module, you promote knowledge around every compliance area. In the module, you will already find many ready-made courses such as training on data protection or information security. If you need a special topic, just contact us. Everything is possible!

Track progress on courses

The structured overview in the form of charts, tables, and dashboards of all your company's e-learning courses keeps you informed about the number and progress of course participants at all times. Users have not yet completed their course? Simply remind them with the help of the module.

Evaluations and comparisons (CIP)

The E-learning Module of the AKARION Compliance Cloud offers you the possibility to compare different training results with each other. Not only can you adapt course content if necessary, but you can also demonstrate a continuous improvement process to authorities and management.

Target group specific contents

Every employee has a different level of knowledge and different areas of responsibility. Therefore, you can create target group-specific courses in the E-learning Module, each of which conveys a different level of detail. In this way, experts can be trained and at the same time legal minimum requirements, e.g., from the GDPR, can be fulfilled without frustrating employees with excessive learning content.

Flexibility and adaptability

Flexibility and adaptability are particularly important to us. Therefore, we not only support many personalization and configuration options but also the xAPI standard to enable integration with other e-learning systems.

Trust layer

Prove at any time that the data entered in the E-learning Module has not been manipulated by anyone (trust by design). Prove the implemented awareness measures at the push of a button with the help of the automatic documentation. In this way, you can both document your e-learning in an audit-proof manner and prove the integrity of your training data.

Features at a glance

Perfect support for your tasks

Numerous courses and templates can be used out of the box or combined to create new courses.



Compliance Cloud Features

All our Compliance Cloud modules have this in common

Our value proposition for you is user-friendly solutions. We make holistic compliance management possible for you: convenient, resource-saving and with the highest standards of data integrity.


All modules are characterised by very intuitive user guidance and you will quickly find your way around the Compliance Cloud after initial training. In addition, we offer a comprehensive Help Centre where you can find additional information through videos and descriptions. Our focus is always on ensuring that you get the most out of the Compliance Cloud thanks to the high level of consistency of all modules and the very intuitive user interface.

Manage different compliance aspects with just one solution thanks to the simple modular structure of the Compliance Cloud. Thanks to this holistic approach, you avoid redundancies and contradictions, cleverly exploit synergy effects and save time, costs and nerves.

No matter whether you work in a corporate group or want to manage many clients as a consultant: In each module you can manage subsidiaries and branches separately. You can logically separate all companies from each other and, if required, always keep an eye on clients and companies via a central dashboard.

Save time thanks to the comprehensive cross-module and cross-client template system in all modules. Especially in complex company and group structures, this feature of the Compliance Cloud enables you to work more efficiently.

Keep track of the most important data on all compliance topics of your company or group with the help of customisable dashboards. At the same time, you have an overview of particularly time-critical processes, the most relevant key figures, security incidents and your open tasks.

You can create individual reports in each module and across the compliance modules on all the topics you process in the Compliance Cloud. Create reports and documentation at the touch of a button, such as a complete overview of your business processes or processing activities. Be prepared for controls by authorities, clients, etc. at any time through the output of comprehensive reports and get an overview quickly and easily.

Collaborate with internal colleagues and external experts in the system thanks to event-based task management. Assign tasks, define deadlines and responsibilities and set notifications based on individually defined parameters. With the Compliance Cloud, compliance management becomes teamwork.

No matter where you work from or which languages are spoken in your organisation: the modules are designed for multilingualism and have automated translation into over 23 languages (including DE, EN, FR, IT). This means that every user in the system can work automatically in the preferred language at the touch of a button. In addition, a wide variety of national and international standards can be mapped in the system (e.g. in data protection law).

We want to prove to you that you can rely on us when it comes to security. That's why we have been certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and our systems have undergone a penetration test by independent experts. In addition, we host our purely web-based application exclusively in Germany. An installation on your premises is not necessary.

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