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You can use the Data Protection Module immediately without any initial development or project costs. The Compliance Cloud is a web-based solution and does not need to be installed. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, you can also configure the module yourself and adapt it to your individual needs.

Solutions in focus

Data protection management pragmatically simple

In order to help you meet today's high data protection requirements as well as the challenges of the future, we have worked with experts to develop the most innovative DPMS for you.

Respond quickly & correctly to data subject requests

Nothing is more important than satisfied customers! Therefore, you want to respond quickly and comprehensively to your customers' requests for access to or deletion of their personal data. You want to know quickly where the customer's data is located and within which deadlines you have to react. With the Data Protection Module you can process data subject requests faster because we can connect relevant IT systems using connectors. The result: you always have an overview of the status of the procedure.

Keeping track of data processors

You work with or are yourself a service provider and process personal data on behalf of your clients. Therefore, you want to reduce your effort to check your service providers and manage data processing agreements (AVV). You also need to keep track of any risks associated with transferring data to a third country. With the Data Protection Module, you can keep track of everything related to your data processing - clearly and centrally in one place.

Document processing activities quickly

Processing activities are becoming increasingly complex and international, and at the same time more and more personal data is being processed. You therefore want to make your work easier and at the same time increase the quality of your documentation including your risk and data protection impact assessment (DPIA). The Data Protection Module supports you with a clearly structured risk analysis, simple template system and uniform data basis.

Features at a glance

Perfect support for your tasks

Record of processing activities

Document not only the mandatory information required under GDPR, but also a lot of other relevant information (e.g., contract partners, responsible employees, reminders).

Data breach management

Control and monitor your processes in the event of a data protection incident with workflow support and audit-proof time stamps to meet the 72-hour deadline.

Data subject requests

Let the intelligent workflow support with time stamps and deadline calculation guide you through the entire process of responding to data subject requests.


You can use webforms to make it easier to request information from service providers or clients and to offer a digital channel for data subject requests or data breach reports. Compile them by yourself and automatically link completed forms with fields in the Data Protection Module.

Technical and organisational measures

Compile your technical and organisational measures (TOM) for each processing activity by yourself or from existing catalogues (e.g., ISO/IEC 27001:2013), involve your IT experts and set yourself resubmissions to review measures.

Trust Layer

Prove the integrity of your data. Document your DPMS in an audit-proof manner and, if required, use our solution to prove at any time that the data entered in the Data Protection Module has not been manipulated by anyone (trust by design).

Compliance Cloud Features

All our Compliance Cloud modules have this in common

Our value proposition for you is user-friendly solutions. We make holistic compliance management possible for you: convenient, resource-saving and with the highest standards of data integrity.


We design for the entire Compliance Cloud in a way that you can use it immediately and without any technical set-up. We offer you trainings by our competent colleagues so that you can optimally adapt the modules to your needs. Then you are able to directly implement your compliance management without project costs on our side - efficiently and resource-saving.

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