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Data Protection Management has never been easier.

Akarion’s Data Protection Module is the scalable and individually configurable software solution for complex organizational structures.

Numerous industry leaders already use the Data Protection Module.

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The most important data at a glance! Keep an eye on time-critical privacy related processes, the most relevant key figures and your open tasks.

Expert Compliance

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    Processing activities

    Describe even complex processing activities quickly and clearly and get support with your documentation by using our templates.

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    Document your processors and manage, store and update all data processing agreements (DPAs) in one central location.

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    Data protection impact assessment

    Let a risk matrix help you decide whether a Data protection impact assessment is necessary and if so, carry it out directly in the module.

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    Be prepared for inspections by authorities, clients, etc. at any time by issuing extensive reports at the push of a button.

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    Compliance Index

    Generate an impression of your GDPR implementation status, based on measured values inside the module and the assessment of the responsible people.

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    Management of Data Subject Request

    Manage data subject request via the integrated ticket system including timestamps, deadline calculation and the allocation of responsibilities.

Supreme Scalability

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Future Viability

You have been marked in a processing activity.
notarized at 09:27
Check mark
Petra Müller has changed a measure.
notarized at 11:11
Check mark
A data-breach notification has been created.
notarized at 17:03
Check mark
You have changed a processing activity.
notarized at 15:28
Check mark
A data subject request has been documented.
notarized at 20:20
Check mark
Daniel Fischer has changed a data-breach notification.
notarized at 10:23
Check mark

System Connectors

  • Salesforce
  • SAP
    ERM, CRM, HR
  • ERP Next
    ERP Next
  • SQL
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One of your customer would like to be informed about the data you have stored about him.

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By connecting your systems, the data protection module can retrieve all relevant data stored there.

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Depending on the degree of automation, the module transmits the relevant information to the customer.

Guaranteed Quality

People at work

Developed with renowned Experts

When developing products, we involve external data protection officers, auditors, lawyers and other qualified experts right from the start.

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Certified Development Team

Ten Akarion employees are certified data protection officers. In addition, seven employees are certified Information Security Managers according to ISO 27001 and one employee is a Lead Auditor according to ISO 27001.

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