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Identify Risks and Minimize Damage With Akarion's BCM

Our Business Continuity Module helps you to prepare your company efficiently and effectively for emergencies and to lead it safely through crises.

Numerous companies rely on Akarion's Business Continuity Module for emergency planning.

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Always keep track of the most important key figures such as recorded business processes, security incidents, open tasks and the latest changes.

Make Your BCM Easier

  1. Business Impact Analysis


    Determine the effects of disruptions on your business processes and define parameters for restarting after interruptions.

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  2. Risk Analysis


    Evaluate and prioritize your risks and processes and, after the survey is complete, have us help you visualize your asset structures, risks and measures.

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  3. Audit


    Regularly check your emergency management system to ensure sustainable function, efficiency and performance.

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Business Impact Analysis


Define and Evaluate Relevant Damage Scenarios

Define Necessary Damage Parameters

Schadensparameter Dashboard
Visuelle Darstellung von Business Continuity

Identify Dependencies and Critical Points

Risk Analysis

The Compliance Cloud offers you a powerful range of features to help you address the issue of risk management in your company. In addition to risk analysis and treatment, the Visual Explorer helps you to visualize your IT infrastructure.

Perform Risk Analysis and Treatments

  • Ziel

    Identification and Evaluation of Risks

  • Link

    Referencing of Measures

BCM Module Overlay
BCM Module Overlay

Visualize Your IT Infrastructure With All Risks and Measures

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    Display Dependencies in the Visual Explorer

  • DNA

    Synergy Effects With ISMS and Data Protection

Business Continuity Audits

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Compliance Cloud Audit Module

Audit Dashboard
Audit Dashboard

Reporting Features

Ensuring Quality

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Developed With Renowned Experts

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