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Simply prepare efficiently for emergencies


With our BCMS, you can start immediately and easily identify potential risks in advance and minimize damage as best as possible. Emergency or crisis management must be documented quickly and in an independent location so that you can react immediately to unforeseen events such as power outages, cyber attacks or even a global pandemic. Be perfectly prepared from now on if crises suddenly disrupt your business processes.

Solutions in focus

Efficient business continuity management simply made

To enable you to identify potential risks in advance, minimize damages as best as possible and thus prepare your organization efficiently and effectively for crises, we have developed an intuitive BCMS with experts.

Identify dependencies of business processes

Your company has many interdependent business processes, each with very specific risks. Especially when there are several levels of business processes, it is then even more difficult to keep track of how and where the risk could have an impact. You know that if these materialize, there will be disruptions or even complete process failures. Your goal, therefore, is to identify business process dependencies, detect risks more quickly and take appropriate action in an emergency. Thanks to our automated risk and protection requirement inheritance, you can keep an overview. Get a picture for yourself!

Create management reports quickly

Whether you are responsible as a compliance or IT manager: Creating restart, recovery, business continuity and emergency communication plans is very time-consuming, as all data and details must be interrelated, have integrity and also be consistent. Instead of using normal office software and spending a lot of time, you can ensure not only more quality but also a significant time saving with the Compliance Cloud. Try it out today!

Simulate the unforeseeable emergency

You can't always plan everything ahead. Therefore, when planning for emergencies, start with what is the basis of your business: Your business processes. However, determining the effects of different processes and thus process failures on each other is very complex. Therefore, we have developed an interactive visualization that enables you to transparently recognise interrelationships and thus to identify potential process failures and their consequences in advance. Play through with our BCMS to see if you have thought of everything.

Features at a glance

Perfect feature set for your
crisis management

Definition of assets and business processes

Use many templates to record the assets (hardware, software, staff, locations, etc.) that exist in your organization. You can then document your business processes clearly and maintain them in a central place. In this way, you can see important connections and dependencies between assets and business processes at a glance.

Individual damage scenarios and assessment

Select the loss scenarios applicable to your organization. Assessing the damage scenarios allows you to see what the concrete impact of a process failure will be.

Risk treatment and protection needs inheritance

Identify, assess and prioritise critical vulnerabilities and risks (e.g., malware) thanks to the clear visualization of protection needs. Treat the risks with appropriate measures (e.g., anti-virus software). Create reports and documentation such as an overall audit report within seconds and customise them to your needs.

Detailed visual business impact analysis

Investigate the effects of disruptions and process failures and find out which points need special protection in order to fulfil your most important tasks even in emergencies. Define parameters for restarting after interruptions.

Damage parameters according to BSI Standard 100-4

When carrying out the business impact analysis, you can specify a wide range of damage parameters in order to map the criticality assessment of your processes more precisely. These include values such as the maximum tolerable loss of data, the recovery time, maximum tolerable emergency operating time, the restart level of the process, and much more. All definable parameters are closely based on the "BSI Standard 100-4: Emergency Management".

Trust Layer

Benefit from our trust by design approach, which automatically documents your business continuity management in an audit- and tamper-proof manner. This way, you can safely prove the integrity of your data at any time and prove that the data entered in the BCMS has not been manipulated by anyone.

Compliance Cloud Features

All our Compliance Cloud modules have this in common

Our value proposition for you is user-friendly solutions. We make holistic compliance management possible for you: convenient, resource-saving and with the highest standards of data integrity.


The complete Compliance Cloud is designed so that you can use it immediately and without set-up. Let us train you by our competent colleagues on how to optimally adapt the modules for you and then directly implement your compliance management without project costs on our side - efficiently and resource-saving.

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