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Can you trust your data?

For digital trust can only exist if data integrity is guaranteed.

Wider digital trust through verifiable data integrity

Because your ability to act is subject to more threats than you might think:

On average, it takes companies 206 days to detect cyber-attacks. *

Diagram 206 days

With our platform solution Chroniql this average duration can be reduced to a fraction.

Diagram few hours

of all cyber attacks were aimed at manipulating information.**


of the companies suffered financial damages from the attacks.**


of the companies surveyed were victims of cyber attacks in the last 12 months.**

It's not always the hackers

Check mark Original data record
Valid file
Lightening Loss of integrity


Authorized data changes without documentation

Different versions of the same data record

Unintentional input errors

Error Corrupted data record
Invalid file

The consequences of data manipulation can be serious:

Three dots

Our solutions establish trust in data

Chroniql Database

Source systems of any kind can easily be connected to the audit-proof database. Thus the data gets consolidated, while the entire change history is continuously logged.

Use Cases

We would be happy to inform you about further use-cases or discuss your specific case with you.