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Akarion employees

Our Mission

Innovating trust within the digital world!

By driving technical innovation forward.

Trust is part of
our DNA.

The digital transformation has caused a trust paradox.

Although companies processing personal data have to comply with increasingly strict and complex regulations, many people feel that their data is not handled with care.

We merge software best practices with a "digital trust catalyst", the blockchain technology. This combination allows us to create unique products where the trust in the careful handling of data is already established via the underlying technology.

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Who is Akarion?

Akarion is an agile high-tech company that develops innovative software products with great passion and experience.

Akarion was founded in 2017 with the goal of developing outstanding and unique software and blockchain solutions, especially in particularly sensitive areas such as the compliance sector. With our products, we support our clients in managing different compliance topics (data protection, information security, business continuity, whistleblowing, etc.), as well as in the use of blockchain technology for applications that require a high degree of tamper resistance and transparency. Our solutions excel through sustainable business models, proven practicality and disruptive application possibilities. From our locations in Linz and Munich, we work with companies of all sizes - from start-ups to SMEs and international corporations.

Acarion in numbers: That's what characterizes us.

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    Out of 2 locations we work on our solutions

  • Globe

    Our software is currently used in 8 countries

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    12 languages are being spoken in our offices

  • Coffee

    We drink 18,156 cups of coffee per year

  • User

    2.000+ users already work with our products

  • Renew

    97% of our customers renew their subscription

  • Certificate

    17 certified compliance experts work for us

  • Work Experience

    Our employees have Ø 9.9 years of work experience

Our company is value-driven

Akarion Office

Innovation drives us.

We are convinced that technical innovation can revolutionize trust. Blockchain technology has great potential for this, and we are therefore committed to promote its usage.

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Reaction to change is fundamental.

With flexible processes we constantly adapt to the latest state of the art technology or compliance legislation. We can also integrate customer feedback quickly and easily.

Akarion Office

Trust is our most important asset.

We do not only rely on innovation and agile methods, but also on proven and certified processes. This unique combination can also be found in our products.

Our aspiration

Your trust

Akarion employees

Employee certifications

In order to meet our high standards, we do a lot for the continuing education of our employees.

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    10 Akarion employees are certified data protection officers according to Austrian Standards.

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    7 Akarion employees are certified Information Security Managers according to ISO 27001.

Corporate certifications

We are working intensively on the implementation of the ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certifications for our company as well as the EuroPriSe and IDW PS 880 certifications for our products.

Akarion employees

Expert groups

As a member of regional and international expert groups on compliance and block-chain topics, we are continuously driving our mission forward: to innovate trust within the digital world through the use of innovative technologies.

Logo alliance for cyber security

Alliance for Cyber Security of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

Logo german association for data protection

The German Association for Data Protection and Data Security (GDD)

Logo german association of law and informatics

The German Association of Law and Informatics (DGRI)

Logo german institute for compliance

The German Institute for Compliance (DICO)

Transparentes Fenstermuster

Founder Story

Akarion GmbH was founded in 2017 in the "Tabakfabrik" in Linz by four experts:

Markus Costabiei
Markus Costabiei

Markus Costabiei

Chief Executive Officer

"One of our greatest strengths when founding Akarion was that each of us has his own role and the four of us can cover all important areas together. Now, we still benefit from the different perspectives, as we make all important decisions as a team."

Paul Emathinger
Paul Emathinger

Paul Emathinger

Chief Web Officer

"Akarion is trying to solve the problem that data is monetized more and more ruthlessly. With our solutions, we want to convince companies that it does not have to be difficult to use data economically and mindfully at the same time."

Sascha Maschek
Sascha Maschek

Sascha Maschek

Chief Technology Officer

"What sets us apart is that we meet known requirements with new approaches and technologies. A comprehensible presentation of the complex issues is particularly important. Only those who maintain a constant dialogue with customers and partners can be successful in the long term."

Viljem Pitako
Viljem Pitako

Viljem Pitako

Chief Operational Officer

"At Akarion we live an agile way of working. We encourage commitment and a certain "fire" for the own working area. In return, we offer our employees the chance to further develop themselves and to realize their ideas. There is no rigid task fulfilment at Akarion."

Two locations. One strong team.

We develop and distribute our products from Austria and Germany.


The heart of our development: Technology hotspot "Tabakfabrik" Linz

The "Tabakfabrik" (tobacco factory) was shut down in 2009 and has now become an innovation space which, in addition to Akarion, offers around 250 organisations optimal space and networking conditions for cross-sector cooperation.

sales location

From Munich into the world: Our office in the Leopoldstrasse at the Schwabinger Tor

At our Munich location we can also draw on a well-functioning network. Particularly our international sales and marketing activities to Canada, Brazil, Japan etc. are based there.

Location Munich Planet