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Akarion Mitglieder


Innovating trust within the digital world!

By driving technical innovation forward.

Trust is part of our DNA.

The digital transformation has caused a trust paradox.

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Who is Akarion?

Akarion is an agile high-tech company that develops innovative software products with great passion and experience.

Akarion in numbers: That's what characterizes us.

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    Out of 2 locations we work on our solutions

  • Globe

    Our software is currently used in 8 countries

  • Speech bubble

    8 languages are being spoken in our offices

  • Coffee

    We drink 18,156 cups of coffee per year

  • User

    2.000+ users already work with our products

  • Renew

    97% of our customers renew their subscription

  • Certificate

    18 certified compliance experts work for us

  • Work Experience

    Our employees have Ø 9.9 years of work experience

Our company is value-driven

Akarion Office Räumlichkeiten
Frau vor einer Post-It Wand
Akarion Office Räumlichkeiten

Your trust

Akarion Mitglieder

Employee certifications

Certified By Austrian Standards
Donauuniversität Krems

Corporate certification

Akarion Mitglieder

Expert groups

Logo Allianz für Cyber Sicherheit
Logo Gesellschaft für Datenschutz und Datensicherheit
Logo Deutsche Gesellschaft für Recht und Informatik
Logo Deutsches Institut für Compliance
Transparentes Fenstermuster

Founder Story

Markus Costabiei
Markus Costabiei

Markus Costabiei

Paul Emathinger
Paul Emathinger

Paul Emathinger

Sascha Maschek
Sascha Maschek

Sascha Maschek

Viljem Pitako
Viljem Pitako

Viljem Pitako

Two locations. One strong team.

We develop and distribute our products from Austria and Germany.

The heart of our development: Technology hotspot "Tabakfabrik" Linz

From Munich into the world: Our office in the Leopoldstrasse at the Schwabinger Tor

Location Munich Planet